Hope and Healing Services of Washington, PLLC

Hope and Healing Services of Washington, PLLC

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Welcome to Hope and Healing Services of Washington! My name is Aaron Walsh and I am a mental health therapist offering services in Washington state. I am passionate about helping clients solve problems, heal, discover greater purpose, pursue goals, build resiliency, and grow into the people they want to be.

My therapeutic style combines person-centered, existential, cognitive behavioral, psychodynamic, feminist, and faith-based approaches. Overall, I primarily allow clients to take the lead. I believe that deep down, most people know what they want out of life and what kind of support they need to get there.

As a devoted Christian and a friend to people of all faith backgrounds, I always invite clients to share their spiritual beliefs as they feel comfortable. For many, faith and grace are powerful gateways to healing, purpose, and growth. I encourage clients to bring their full selves to therapy, and I meet them where they are the best I can. I’m here to offer encouragement and hope for the journey.

Is Hope and Healing Services of Washington a Good Fit for Me?

Given my professional experiences, I would be an especially good fit for teens or adults struggling with:

-depression or anxiety.

-issues related to the stresses of young adulthood, such as difficulties with dating or finding one’s fit in the professional world.

-mood issues related to pregnancy, birth, or caring for a newborn.

-stresses related to parenting children of any age.

-grief and loss, including perinatal loss.

-embracing religious faith and LGBTQ+ identities simultaneously.

-challenges related to caring for ill or aging loved ones.

-adjusting to health challenges, death, and dying.

-the addiction of a loved one.

-difficult family dynamics. 

-relationship endings or divorce.

-internalized oppression and low self-esteem.

Are Services Virtual or In-Person?

Clients may choose virtual services or in-person services at my Federal Way office. My office is located at 33600 6th Avenue S. Suite 240 Federal Way, WA 98003.

How Much Does Counseling Cost?

My private pay rate is $120 per fifty-minute session. I accept cash, check, and credit/debit card. Unfortunately, I am not able to offer discounts or accept health insurance at this time. However, I am able to provide clients with superbills, which are documents that relate what services were provided and how much clients paid for services. Some clients, though not all, will be able to use superbills to seek partial reimbursement from health insurance plans. Of note, I am not able to contact insurance companies to discuss payment or the possibility of reimbursement. Clients must contact insurance companies on their own to discuss the possibility and process of reimbursement or any other insurance related concerns. I cannot guarantee that clients will be able to procure reimbursement from insurance companies.

How Do I Learn More or Make an Appointment?

We heal when we tell our stories to people who care about us, and we grow when we find the courage to step forward and begin again. Please reach out if want to learn more. For a free phone consultation to assess whether my services are a good fit for you, call me at 253-368-0845.