Professional Background

I graduated with a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Washington in 2014. I am a licensed independent clinical social worker in the state of Washington. Over the years, I have honed my craft as a listener and helper in a variety of settings. As a hospital social worker, I supported patients and families as they welcomed new children into the world, assumed unexpected caregiving responsibilities, faced devastating loss, struggled with chronic illness, strove to overcome addictions, and wrestled with a variety of mental health issues. I have also mentored LGBTQ youth and served children, youth, and families in the field of community mental health. In addition, I taught preschool for several years and I am well-acquainted with the joys and challenges of caring for little ones.

As a therapist, I also draw upon knowledge gained from art, literature, music, faith, personal study, and advocacy work. All of these experiences build my capacity for empathy, deepen my relationships, and help me to serve others well.

Contact Information:

Phone: 253-368-0845

Address: 33600 6th Ave. S. Suite 240 Federal Way, WA 98003

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