What Is Therapy?

What is Therapy and How Does It Help?

Therapy is a process in which the counselor and the client come together to explore the client’s life, heal the pain of the past, and work toward building a healthier, happier future. In the context of therapeutic relationships, I serve clients by:

-listening with an open heart.

-asking questions that build deeper insight into one’s history, worldview, choices, dreams, and relationships.

-offering fresh perspectives to generate hope.

-providing ongoing motivation, guidance, and support for positive changes in thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. 

-walking beside people emotionally as they go through grief.

-supporting goals around careers, relationships, families, personal passions, and other pursuits.

-helping people evaluate options and solve complex problems.

-challenging the pressure to conform to false ideals of perfection so that people can enjoy being who they really are.

– exploring how to overcome the impacts of oppressive social structures such as racism, homophobia, and sexism.

-teaching effective coping strategies for dealing with issues such as depression and anxiety.

-laughing together and finding humor through the ups and downs of life.

-guiding people to helpful and relevant community resources.

-encouraging everyone to step back now and then, look at the big picture, and ask important questions: Why are we here? What is the purpose of suffering? What is love? How can we work together to make the world a better place?

-supporting people as they dream big, step into the unknown, take risks, set boundaries, and live their best lives.

Contact Information:

Phone: 253-368-0845

Address: 33600 6th Ave. S. Suite 240 Federal Way, WA 98003

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